Below you will find some of the routes that we will ride as a part of the training camp. Not all of them are obligatory, and the selection of routes is a subject to agreement between me, and you.

Note: The estimated duration time is the time spent riding, without accounting for breaks and pauses.

Distance: 68km | Elevation gain: 1,674m | Est. duration: 2h30m

Distance: 68km | Elevation gain: 1,353m | Est. duration: 2h30m

Distance: 129km | Elevation gain: 1,707m | Est. duration: 4h30m

Distance: 93km | Elevation gain: 1,219m | Est. duration: 3h15m

Distance: 91km | Elevation gain: 994m | Est. duration: 3h15m

Distance: 131km | Elevation gain: 759m | Est. duration: 5h30m

Distance: 104km | Elevation gain: 1,573m | Est. duration: 3h40m