Training camp in Ohrid, from 10-13 April

As the warm summer months come closer, I’m organizing a short cycling training camp, from the 10th until the 13th of April.

The participation price is 100 euros per participant.

What can you expect on that camp?

  • Three training rides on different routes, for a total of 350km covered and over 3000m elevation gain, in a beautiful environment with views of the Ohrid Lake and surrounding mountains
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation in Villa Milka, which is close to the city center and is the perfect place to start and end the rides
  • Support during and after the rides, which includes bicycles maintenance and service if necessary, as well as snacks and gels

How prepared should you be?

Considering that we will be covering quite a bit of elevation on our rides, the participants are expected to have an advanced level of fitness. Each ride will be approximately four hours long, with optional breaks if necessary.

What should you bring along?

Aside from your bicycle and any accessories you take with you on a ride, it is suggested that you bring clothes for warm, but not hot weather. The temperatures are expected to be from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, and there’s a slight chance of wind, so dress appropriately. A helmet is mandatory, and each participant is responsible for their safety, and the safety of the other participants on the camp.

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